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Current Version 0.4.0

What is Custom Ball Merge?

This is a game based on the popular Suika Game / Watermelon Game, where items are dropped into a container and same type items merge together into a larger item.

The game ends when the container is filled to the top. Try to get the largest item! Aim for a high score!

How to play?

Mouse controls: Move the mouse to aim the drop position. Click to drop an item.

Keyboard controls: Arrow keys to move and spacebar to drop.

Gamepad controls: D-pad or Left stick to move and A button to drop.

How to make custom skins?

Included with the game there's a zip file containing the custom textures templates and sample audio files.

Make sure to keep the file names the same and keep all files in one folder.


  • For the background, "ufo" textures and labels, do not change the image size.
  • For the items, the circle is where the game expects the "body" of the item to be. You may extend the texture size a bit on all sides to include extra bits protruding from the main "body", but don't exaggerate or it will look bad in the game. I also suggest to keep the item shapes as close to a circle as possible, to match the game physics. Also, if you expand the texture, make sure you do so symmetrically on all sides, so that the circle remains in the middle.
  • The score, next and today's best boxes can be set to have custom texture backgrounds. If you set these, you may want to make the labels and icons transparent (use a 1x1 transparent PNG file) to make them invisible and put all the details in the background texture instead.
  • The pause, exit, return and share buttons in the main game screen and game over screen can be customized too. Keep the textures the same size as in the template.


  • Keep the drop and merge audio files duration at 0.5 seconds or shorter. Longer audio clips may overlap and make the game noisy if a lot merges happen in a close period of time.
  • Only mp3 file format is supported.
  • The file names must be:
    • custom_sfx_drop.mp3
    • custom_sfx_merge.mp3
    • custom-sfx-merge2.mp3 ... merge11.mp3
    • custom_sfx_gameover.mp3
    • custom_bgm.mp3


  • Place custom_font_score.ttf (or otf) and custom_font_ranking.ttf (or otf) in the folder to use these fonts as replacement for the score numbers.
  • Make sure you use fonts that have the Open Font License (OFL) so you can redistribute them freely with your skin pack.

Advanced Settings:

  • Use the "advanced.ini" file to further customize the UI look.
  • Use a text editor to change the values and make the UI match the rest of your skin look!
  • It allows for changing text size and colors, boxes background and edge colors, box positions and more!

Read the included "custom skin instructions 0.4.0.txt" file for more details

This video may also be useful, to get an idea about the general game customization options.

How to load custom skins?

The game will attempt to automatically load any skin files (textures, audio and fonts) it finds in a folder named "custom" next to the executable file.

You can also manually load a different skin using the Settings menu button.

Make sure you have all custom files in a folder, not in a ZIP file.

This is the process for loading custom skins manually:

Note: The hololive and Utano Pandora skins shown in the screenshots are only for illustrative purposes. They are not included in the game.


This is the first game I make in the Godot engine, as a learning exercise. It's not supposed to be perfectly stable, but I've tried fixing as many bugs as I could in the time I decided to set aside for this project.

I consider this a finished project (prototype) and don't plan on adding any more features to this game. At least not very frequently.

Please use the custom textures feature following all applicable laws and using common sense. Do not use it to make offensive or harmful content. I will not be held responsible for any misuse of my game.

Mac and Linux builds are untested. The may not work or refuse to run on your system. If that's the case, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do to fix them.


Feel free to play my game on stream. If you do, please include a link to this page if you can, so more people can enjoy playing it too. Oh and the game hashtag I'm using is #CustomBallMerge if you want to share on Xwitter.


Please do not reupload the game executable files on other sites or hosting platforms. Instead, link back to this page, so new players can have access to the latest updated version I publish here.

If you made a custom skin for the game, please only share your skin files (textures, audio and fonts). Don't bundle the game executable together with your files. Thank you.


If you need to contact me, please send me a mail to davidwusoftdev (at) gmail.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorDavid Wu SoftDev
Made withGodot
TagsCharacter Customization, Suika Game
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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Is it possible to change the menu screen and buttons? mainly I want it to fit the theme of what im going for

Currently no. Only the main play screen is customizable.

Ah allgood then❤️

Waiting for Android version if possible.

The game controls are not designed for touchscreen. I may add that later, but as I mentioned in the game description, I don't really plan to add more functionality to this project. So an Android version is very low priority. Sorry.

Would it be possible somehow to change the background music as well?

Yes, you can change the background music by placing a custom_bgm.mp3 file together with your texture and sound effect files!

Please read the skin instructions included with the game files for more details!

Looks cool af, too bad I can't run it XD


Hello! I'm sorry about that. Could you please let me know the specs of the device you're trying to run the game on? (CPU, GPU, OS)

If it's older than 10 years, there's a chance it's below minimum requirements for the game engine.

As you suspect, my laptop is dated. It's a Dell Latitude e6410, It's i5 intel (M520) processor and it's Windows 10. The GPU on the other is only stated Intel HD Graphics, which doesn't support OpenGL :(

Oh... yeah, that's old. You need at least an Intel HD Graphics 4000, which came with the 3rd gen core processors such as the i5-3320M released in 2012.

This is the exact reason why some developers would provide a software rendered (no HW acceleration) fallback executable for their program. Not complaining, just saying.


I did some research and it's possible to force the engine to run using a slightly older version of opengl. Maybe you can give it a try.

You'll need to create a shortcut in the same folder as the game executable that runs this command:

CustomBallMerge_Windows_0.4.0.exe --rendering-driver opengl3

Please let me know if it worked for you!

Can you walk me through it? I don't quite get what you mean. By Shortcut and running a 'command'.(I've tried but idk what i was doing)


Option 1: The quickest way is to open notepad, paste the command in the text file and save it as "CustomBallMerge.bat" in the same folder as the game.

Make sure it saves as a bat file (*.bat) and not as a text file (*.txt)

Then, just double-click the bat file to run the game instead of the exe file.

Option 2: Right-click on the game exe and select the "Create shortcut" option. Then right click the newly created shortcut and select "Properties" option so you can edit it. In the properties window, go to the "Target" field and add at the end --rendering-driver opengl3

Screenshot below for reference (my PC is in Spanish, but I hope it helps you to know where to look)

Then, just double-click the shortcut instead of the exe to launch the game.

For some reason my expectation was that the texture would be fitted to the ball shape, im kindof glad it wasnt its hilarious that my like 8th ball fills up the entire screen with the image of a raccoon drinking gatorade and I cant see a single thing or continue. Awesome silly game thank you.

Somebody didn't read the instructions... but that's OK! As long as it is fun, you can make your custom textures as silly as you like. XD

hey i read the instructions on here, just not the ones in the game files because im lazy.

(2 edits)

The game's concept is so neat and cool. Though unfortunately my laptop can't play this game because of graphical issue (it said my laptop can't run Opengl 3.3). Can you please specify minimum spec? I know it's my laptop's skill issue and asking to make a game more potato pc friendly is too much, but at least I want to know requirement of the game. Thank you in advance, and I apologize if my request bothers you.

Doing some research, it seems Godot 4 supports OpenGL 3.3 / OpenGL ES 3.0 and Vulkan 1.0. OpenGL 3.3 standard was released in 2010. So I'm guessing anything that has a graphics card over 10 years old won't run the game.

Minimum graphics cards: GeForce G100 series and higher. ATI Radeon HD/Mobility 2000 and higher. Intel HD Graphics 4000 and higher.

(1 edit)

Ouch. So my laptop is too ancient.

Thank you for the answer. I'm really appreciated.

Can you try creating a shortcut in the same folder as the game executable and put this command in it? It should try running the game using a slightly older version of OpenGL, which could work on your laptop:

CustomBallMerge_Windows_0.4.0.exe --rendering-driver opengl3

Please let me know if it worked for you!

This is amazing! the score system seems very faithful to the original as well as the physics, though the threshold for what counts as out of the bucket seems a lot more strict compared to suika game. i adore this concept though :D

Yeah, it's very strict.

I could tone it down a bit, to give the balls time to roll down before they trigger a game over. I'll think about it.

Hi, this is great! Is it possible to also change up the music?


Hello! I've not included that feature. You can always mute the game BGM and play your own music in the back. :)


Well... now you can. Get version 0.2.0. XD


You are a legend! Thanks!