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Dress up the ultimate Mr.Akyat in this game based on hololive productions' Pavolia Reine illustrations!

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How to Play

The current version of the game exports the result into a transparent 900x900 pixel PNG that will open in a new browser tab. Just press the camera button on the bottom right. If you have a pop-up blocker it may not show up.

You can add parts by scrolling the left panel and clicking on them. Additionally to Reine's illustrations I've added some shapes that can be used to decorate.

The buttons on the top right can be used to scale, rotate and mirror objects. They can also be rearranged to be moved to the front or behind other objects.

The view can be zoomed and panned before taking the photo.

Press the i button on the bottom left to display help texts.


This free game has been created following COVER Corp.'s derivative works guidelines. This is not an official hololive game, it is a fan-made game.

The developer is not endorsed nor affiliated with hololive, COVER Corp, or any of its talents. All holopro talents are ©2016 COVER Corp.

Feel free to livestream this game or create other derived content allowed by COVER Corp.'s derivative works guidelines. Please link back to this page if you do so!

If you need to contact me, please write to davidwusoftdev (at) gmail.

Other Information

Google Play Store version available for Android devices.

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AuthorDavid Wu SoftDev
Made withUnity
Tagsdressup, hololive, merakyats, pavolia-reine
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