My entry for the 2022 game jam

This is my first time participating in a game jam.

It was a nice experience making a game following the constraints set by the jam: only public domain cc0 assets allowed, 10 days to finish the game, follow the provided theme.

I made this game in about 7 days, using free assets from various sources.

The project source code is also available, as per the jam rules. I hope it's useful for others to study, even though I'm kind of a newbie at gamedev and my code is probably really messy compared to more experienced devs.

3D Models:



  • Reality Hyper from


  • K's theme from
  • Induced insanity loop from
  • Shake me, baby from

Sound Effects:


Files 14 MB
May 27, 2022 16 MB
May 27, 2022

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