My entry for the GameDev.Tv 2022 Game Jam.

Theme: "Death is only the beginning"

In this game you work for Death in the Underworld, collecting the souls of the dead that have lost their path and are roaming around in the "Soul Canyon".

My motivation and goals

I used this game jam to learn and experiment a bit with Shader Graph, as well as refine some of my previous knowledge from the games I've made in the past two years.

I also wanted to try making a game in a different genre from my previous games as well as go full 3D, since I've started to learn Blender.

About the Project

The game is made using Unity 2021 LTS and uses CC0 (Public domain) free to use assets and the LeanTween library which is under MIT license.

I've tried organizing the source files in folders with the name of the sources for each asset. Those without a folder were made by me for this jam.

I also tried my best to code as orderly as possible, but it got messy after half the jam time was used up. It didn't help that I kept changing game ideas and removed stuff I'd added in the day before with new stuff. There probably is some unused code in some classes as a result of this.

As mentioned earlier, I used the knowledge I've gained from making previous games. Some examples of that knowledge used in this project:

  • Unity Input System: Learned to use it while developing Riri Rhythm.
  • Basic player movement logic: Implemented in DOOG for the first time, but much more refined now and adapted to use Unity's Input System rather than the old Input Manager.
  • Pooling system: I learned to implement it while developing Riri Rhythm (pooling rhythm game notes). In this project it is used for all the obstacles and pickups.
  • LookAtCamera script: Implemented it for DOOG (billboard 2D enemy sprites rotate to face the camera) and used in this project to align the soul pickups sprites.
  • Unity's Audio Mixer: Learned about it and used it for the first time when making Chrono Crux. In this project I also improved the volume sliders for smoother volume level changes.
  • XML file handling: First implemented it in DOOG for text localisation. In this project it is used to read the game level maps.
  • JSON file saves: First implemented in Mumei's Memory Juggling (but with additional stuff). This project implements it on a more basic level.


Version 1.1.0 is an update made after the game jam ended.

The source code is available for version 1.0.0.


Download 14 MB
Download 33 MB
Download 28 MB

Development log


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This is a really great runner game with a competent amount of gameplay and polish! I sat forwards in my seat, which is always a good sign for these arcade-y games.

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback! :D

awesome game!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


Super cool, feels like a complete experience I'd gladly pay for. Fun, creative, great art style, and true to the Jam theme. awesome work :D

Wow, that means a lot to me!

I'm thinking about developing the game a bit more, with additional types of obstacles, a proper animated intro instead of just texts, some upgrades to the game assets and more challenging levels of course.

Thank you for your feedback!

(1 edit)

Very cool aesthetic! Well done! The sound is good too.
Feedback wise the movement is a little jerky and it's sort of jarring. 

Thank you for playing!

When you say the movement is jarring, do you mean the sideways movement or the auto forward?

Thanks for the feedback!

The sideways motion. My bf was watching me play it and even he said the visual was jarring (I mention this because it's not just mechanically, it's visually). It's like a camera being thrown sideways too fast. I think I saw some camera assets that have a bit of like smoothing to it and I think it's meant for that kinda scenario? 

Camera moving sideways too fast? Weird... it's not supposed to do that! I wonder if only feels like it when spectating and not playing, since I never encountered it while playing the game myself and I haven't seen anyone else play it. Hmm... I guess I'll look into it if I decide to develop the game further. Thank you!

Oh, sorry, to clarify-- I also agreed with him that it feels "too fast" and I was the one playing. I think I remember them talking about it in one of the Unity courses, that sometimes cameras will add a bit of delay and bounce to help with that kind of thing. But I'm not too sure about that, I just know to both of us it felt really intense when I moved back and forth. But no pressure! I know it's just a gamejam, just something to look into. :)

Overall I don’t like racing games… but I enjoyed playing yours! I love the aesthetics too! :) good job!

(PS A rating in souls :D )

I'm glad you had fun! :D


Nice game.

I also gave some of your other games a try.

All are quite good.

Keep it up!

Thank you!