Update 1.1.0

Changelog for 1.1.0:

  • (Gameplay) The car can now move sideways while mid-air.
  • (Gameplay) Modified obstacle colliders to make them a closer fit to the visible mesh.
  • (Gameplay) Added a new level between previous 2 and 3 to hopefully ease the difficulty curve.
  • (Visual) Changed souls from sprites to particle effect objects.
  • (Visual) Changed floating souls color for easier identification.
  • (Visual) Added display settings: Scanlines transparency, floor gridlines tiling and width.
  • (Visual) Added a slight smoothing to the camera.
  • (Visual) Added and adjusted post-processing effects.
  • (Visual) Tweaked a bit the sun shader.
  • (Visual) Raised the game's rendering resolution in WebGL to 720p.
  • (Audio) Added sound effects: jump landing, going through barrier.
  • (Other) Optimized level datafile structure.
  • (Other) Added a missing reference to opengameart.org in credits panel.
  • (Other) Made 64-bit and 32-bit Windows builds with screen resolution setting.


DeathsDriver_v1.1.0_Web.zip Play in browser
Jun 07, 2022
DeathsDriver_v1.1.0_WIN.zip 33 MB
Jun 07, 2022
DeathsDriver_v1.1.0_WIN32.zip 28 MB
Jun 07, 2022

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