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I bet I could've gone way farther if Bae hadn't sneaked up on me while I was breaking the highway speed limit at low altitude without any safety items. (I should probably try not to do that in the future.)

Nice flight!

Yeah, it's recommended to have a rat blocker or divorce papers ready when entering the high speed beach area. XD

Thank you for playing! :)

Hope has arrived!

Great game! The android version runs really well on my switch lite ( running android 11 ) and my phone, but I was wondering, since I’m playing on the switch lite and can just use the joysticks and buttons, would it be possible to hide the two buttons for touch controls when I play? Thank you!

That's an interesting way to play the game. This is the first time I've heard of running android on a switch.

Unfortunately the mobile build is not designed for that kind of use. It's expected to be run on a phone with a touchscreen. I'll see if I can add a setting to hide the button visuals (the buttons will still be on the screen, just invisible).

Oh, if you have a photo of the game running on a Switch, I'd love to see it! :D

The game runs very smoothly, and all the physical buttons and joysticks function properly! My switch has a hwfly lite modchip running hwfly-nx firmware ( I think ) and is the switch is running android 11 ( lineage os 18,1 ) at base-clock.

OMG It looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

This is an amazing game, would recommend this for anyone to play it, however, I do have one thing I feel was semi annoying and it may just be me, but not having any hint of how to make the fusions gets frustrating, it's cool to just try combos out and hope for a fusion, but after a while, it becomes this sort of tedious grind to try and get them with how slow leveling can end up being. Solid 9.5/10 game.

Thank you for playing!

Some players have posted fusion guides you can use as reference, but the intended experience is to find the fusions by experimentation and chance. I would've loved to have every single powerup combine with another so that the chances of finding a new fusion are higher... but some combos made no sense and adding so many fusions would've required a loooooot more work.

There's no need to rush to find all fusions. You will eventually find them by playing normally. XD

Hi David, great game! 

Had a lot of fun/struggles trying to figure out all the fusion combinations, and now trying for a higher score than 44k

Two little suggestions if you don't mind considering.

1. During Bubble or Phoenix Fire effect, hitting tofu/meatball triggers Hot Sauce/Spicy Potion despite being immune to it.  I understand we still get the boost effect, but I'm finding it a bit disheartening to see them getting used up in that situation.  Could it be made such that the items are not used instead?

 - On a similar note, I feel Strawberry getting used despite being immune to Bae also kinda sucks but seeing the extra boost from Bae is pretty awesome, so that feels like a better implementation

2. When going faster than 25m/s or 50 m/s, hitting Glider/Rocket and getting instantly locked to their max speed feels bad.  Is it possible to at least players press F/Right Click to let go asap, while it starts slowing down to their max speeds as a counter play instead?  It makes it a choice for the players if they want to use the items to build boost charge or continue with a faster speed.


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

Thank you for the suggestions.

1. The bubble time is especially useful for gaining speed, so in my mind it makes sense to have a booster (hot sauce) activate while the bubble is on. In the case of Phoenix Fire, that boost is not as useful so I could change it to not activate... but I'd rather keep the behavior consistent, so probably I'll just leave it as is or disable it for both bubble and phoenix fire... I'll think about it some more. For Strawberry, it will always activate because it's awesome to see that extra powerful kick. XD

2. About the glider/rocket max speed hitting instantly, the player has the choice to skip them by boosting over them. If they're going too fast and can't avoid touching them, well... it's part of the game experience. Just like when they miss a boost or miscalculate the fall trajectory and hit Bae, ending their run. (skill issue lol)

Hey Dev... Is it possible to change Kiara to lv 3, and Mumei to lv 5/4. because Kiara is very rare to get.
even in 1x run 10km/20km/... I might only get it less than 5x

Kiara is rare, yes. You need to plan ahead and aim for her in your run.

However, her powerup strength comes from some fusions you can get with her, which are very good for long runs.

HELP! All of my progress is wiped out

Hello. Can you provide more details?

What platform were you playing on? Web? Windows? Linux?

Any additional details of the play circumstances will help. What version of the game were you running? Did you accidentally open an old version of the game? Etc.

I have always been playing on the Web, and no I did not run an old version.

Question. Is the strawberry supposed to still activate if I'm under the Bubble or Phoenix Fire effects?

Yes. Strawberry overrides all blockers.

Aw dang. I feel it would help if it didn't override the blockers. I can't tell you the amount of times I go "yes, strawberry!" only to have it be used either after Kiara launches me directly into Bae or in the beach area after Gura bubbles me straight into her. But that's my feedback anyway lol. Other than that, this update has been really fun!

Bubble + Strawberry = Lots of bounces. :D

Kiara + Strawberry = Very strong kick yeet (Phoenix Fire adds 50% power to the boost) XD

Great job on the game! I've been playing since the early days and think it's great. Could we possibly get a Baeless beach mode in the next update? I wanna see how fast I can make IRyS go!

I'm glad you like the game. Thank you for your suggestion!

I'll need to do some adjustments for a Baeless Beach mode to be challenging, but I'll consider it for a future version. :)

need 3 more fusion
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thank you!~

very good game to play during school! one complaint that i have though, and i dont know if its the game or my computer or my browser, is how when i switch tabs while running the game and then return to the game after a while, the tab is refreshed.

Thank you for playing! I'm not anyone to tell you what to do at school, but please don't neglect your studies!

I haven't noticed the tab refresh issue before. Maybe it's specific to your PC? Have you seen it happen in a different computer?

Thank you for the concern, but I am not neglecting my studies! I perform very well in school :) I do believe its an issue related to my PC, as I did not have any issues when playing the game on my personal computer. Lovely game, watching it develop from a small little hololive fangame to a well though out game with multiple game mechanics makes me incredibly happy!


OMG, Mr. Wu Patch V4 is AMAZING Thank you for your good work! :D


I'm glad you like it. :)

I'll start work on V5 sometime soon (after I take a short break). :D

Take your your time :D

I return with a new PB! Please beat this Kaela so I have an excuse to strive for greater heights.

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I love this game, and I want to thank you for making it. However, I think this game is too easy. On my second run, I reached ~18,000m, and I started to get bored at around 10,000m. I would prefer multiple runs of ~3,000m instead. Also, divorce papers and rebirth are overpowered.

If you like short runs, then Baeless mode is for you. See how far you can go in the time limit. A relatively "good" score is around 5Km. The best of the best go past 8Km.

Also, 18Km in Standard mode is not really a high score in V4. The beach makes it so much easier to consistently reach 15Km+ compared to V3. Try aiming for 40Km+.

You can also raise the difficulty level for yourself by setting the speed multiplier to 1.37x or 1.69x (when you unlock it at 30Km). I'm sure you'll notice how much harder it is to avoid hitting Bae.

Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying my game. :)

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aha! you did it! the bae boost is here and very fitting! also probaby better than what i saw in that game a random chance that bae DOESN'T stop but give you a chance to yeet if you click is a bit dumb.

question is... is that boost boosted by kiara?

also i had a weird a achievement popped up and never went away so i had to restart. dont have a screenshot though

Yes, Phoenix Fire's additional 50% strength applies to Bae's boost.

Hmm... achievement stuck on screen? First time I hear of this.

the only thing that stood out that might have caused is it that i got MANY achievements in a row

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I think this is a (minor) bug: I didn't get the "MORE POWEER!" achievement when I got one fused power up in each zone. I needed to get two fused power ups in the 'normal' forest zone to get the achievement.

Edit: Also, not sure if this is a bug or just undocumented in the Yeeting Gym, but the downboost charge seems to be increasing (albeit slowly) when IRyS is above 150m?

Correct. "More Power" only unlocks with 2 fusions in the same zone. I just didn't specify in the description because it would be too long.

Correct. There's a slow recharge of downboost when flying above 150m. Since the player can't do anything while up there, at least this will help get the next downboost ready faster.

Found a bug

I've bought Bonk Potion recipe, but it still shows as locked in laboratory, and I can't buy it again. Closing and reopening the game doesn't help.

Both Spicy Potion and Rat Repellent work as intended (I have no money to check the rest).

Thank you for the report! I'll look into it ASAP

how ba-ba-ba-ba-bad can i be.

Apologize for the unsolicited suggestion if its unwelcome, but I was thinking about how the rest of councilrys could be implemented and I came up with a concept for Sana. I was thinking maybe there’d be a gauge that spells out S-A-N-A and the letters could be floating off the ground like the holopoly board. Once you have the letters, you get access to Sana’s limiter, and removing it (using it) decreases your own gravity, but functionally works like an extremely strong banana bounce.

Thank you for the suggestion! That's an interesting idea. I'll write it down!

I probably won't implement it as is, but the concept is interesting.

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Small tip for other players that I've noticed: You get a lot of horizontal momentum from GWAKs (Kronii Boosts) if your momentum upon getting the Kronii Boost is mostly vertical

(edit: made a small mistake, edited it)

Kronii changes your flight angle from mostly horizontal to mostly vertical and viceversa.

It's hard to do, but if you nail a steep dive into Kronii you will get a very nice horizontal boost!

(your comment helped me realize my comment had a small mistake in it, thanks!)


Found out I apparently (if I'm not mistaken) have a better PB than both Kaela and the dev? If that's the case, then I'm formally issuing an open challenge to Kaela to beat my PB.  Also I found a eurobeat remix of BERSERKER to add to the OST if that's of interest.

(Also I noticed how the optional price for the game is 1.16 USD, nice little hidden reference there)

Yes, that was intentional. :)

Suggestion: Add an achievement that, at a certain altitude (think 169.7 m) gives a head accessory of a replica spiral limiter
Achievement name: Eternal
Description: Said hello to a beeg friend
(just an idea I had)

I'll write down your suggestion. Thank you!

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I think this game has a weird bug on the latest version of Microsoft Edge browser, least for me. Noticed it wasn't loading at all for me, so I tried it on incognito mode and noticed something weird, it'll load perfectly fine the first time, but if I refreshed the page and tried loading the game again, it'll say something about failing to load a file from the indexedDB cache checking the console log and refuse to load the game at all.


Interesting... I'll try to reproduce the bug. Thanks for reporting.

For now, please try playing using Chrome or Firefox or get the standalone executable (recommended).

Just updated to latest edge again and it seems to be loading fine now, guess something screwed up on Edge's end that broke it. Thanks for the cool game btw.


Awesome news! I'm glad everything is fine now! :)

I'd love some kind of way to permanently unlock some boosts or maybe currency to start with certain things on a run? I dunno. Maybe I'm just bad at the game and need a bit of help.

Thank you for your suggestion.

I'm working on something similar for the next update. It won't be exactly permanent boost unlocks, but something related to currency that can be used from the start of a run.

Didn't know fusions work in classic mode!

LOL they shouldn't.

Good catch! Adding it to the list of fixes for next update!

When the speed exceeds 100m/s, the game stops.

I played it on internet page.

Thank you for reporting.

Did you happen to hit two holopoly in a row while flying at that speed?

Any other additional information will help identify the possible cause! Thanks!

(1 edit)

In fact, this has happened several times before.

The game immediately stopped when a situation occurred that could exceed 100 m/s.

 I'm not sure, but I think there was a time when the game stopped after hitting Calli

I forgot to take a screenshot. Sorry.

If the same phenomenon occurs next time, I will definitely take a screenshot and upload it.

There's a very minor typo in Baeless mode. One of the sentences is "Boost down charges continously". The last word should be "continuously" instead.

Thanks for reporting! I'll add it to the fixes for the next update! :)

add kobo

Also how do you fuse power ups?


To fuse powerups you will need 2 compatible powerups at the maximum level upgrade (red text). The next time you level up the game will prompt you to fuse them.

Keep in mind not all powerups are compatible with each other!

Thank you very much also this is my favorite game. <3

Here's my best on standard mode


Awesome game! Reminds me of old good times on newgrounds. 

Baelz f*###

Very fun and addict game.I wish an IOS version exist but. We can dream.

Thank you. I'm glad you're having fun playing!

Unfortunately, due to the associated costs, I cannot make and publish an iOS version of the game. :(

I wouldn’t mind if the web version worked on iPhone but it’s not the case… double Sadge.

How do I do the big soda fusion I know I need the double soda but not sure what else I need.

You need extra slots and double soda.


And by the way, this is my best score on Baeless Mode:

(2 edits)

Game breaking (probably) thing I got on the Android version (the latest). Not sure if this was reported before. Anyway, On Baeless Mode I pressed the Kaela Bonk button at the RIGHT moment when the timer went to zero and got this frozen screen. Had to force close the game.


Thank you for your report!

Hmm... this should've been fixed in the last patch. I guess more testing is needed. I'll try to get it fixed in the next update!

Minor bug report:  if you click through the confirmation prompt for rerolling too fast it will give you the powerup and lock your mouse inputs until either the next level up or you lose (only tested with mouse, not sure if it happens on pad)

I'm only able to consistently make it happen with some kind of unnaturally fast clicking method (for example mouse keys, an autoclicker would probably do it too) but I have had it happen several times both by accident and on purpose just with normal mouse clicking, like if I accidentally double click it too fast.


Thank you for the report! I'll write it down to check it for the next patch.

How do I use fusion power ups/How do I get them??

You will need to get 2 compatible powerups to their max level.

Then, the next time you level up you will be able to fuse them.

Somebody posted the full list of valid combinations on twitter using the game hashtag #yeetirys

Have fun!


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For others' (and my) convenience, this is the tweet:


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