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 i too often have my momentum reduced to a crawl, usually because kronii or mum shoot me straight in the air. it doesn't feel good when that happens

Well, Kronii's role in the game is almost like the meatball. There are occasions where she'll be usefull and sometimes she'll be a nuisance.

Try going into Kronii at a high angle and watch yourself get propelled forward at high speed.

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good game

you be zoommin

Throw it


Thank you for playing!

Nice flight! :)

I totally recommend this game for someone who wants to just have fun , the art is cute and pretty, its an awesome game with lots of potential! 

P.S. I got a 25k highscore ( I screenshotted it , not to brag but i got a little excited when i got over 10 k but i ended up getting 25k!)

I'm glad you're having fun playing!

25k? Wow, nice flight!

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It's so nice of Calli to give all those boosts. That, or she likes yeeting medium people almost as much as small ones.

Minor note: The upgrades feel really small. A 10% boost to something that might show up when I need it, and that I might hit when it shows up?
Maybe they'd feel less small if they came with some modifications to the probability of related things showing up? Like, the Calli-yeet-booster also increases the chance of Calliopies spawning, or the meatball-slow-reducer replaces some Baes with meatballs, or something like that.

Thank you for the feedback.

Remember that upgrades stack, so a max level Calli Power resist gives 75% stronger yeets, which is quite a lot. Same with meatball resist. 50% slow resist is very strong.

I'll think about upgrades that modify spawn probabilities and do some testing to see if it doesn't break the game. XD

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It might be a UX thing more than a balance thing. It's hard to feel a 15% boost to Calli tosses, for instance, especially when your attempts don't last long enough to max anything, or even reach level 3 in anything. The occasional double soda is a bit easier to feel, since you can see the double sodas (even if you're twenty meters above them).

Maybe the upgrades just need "juice"? Something to make it feel like Calli's throwing you harder, like the upgrades are doing something? 

Another point of technical feedback: Sometimes spacebar works instead of clicks and sometimes it doesn't? It works most of the times I load the game, but sometimes it doesn't. It's a small point (you're instructed to click, and clicking always seems to work), but it's also really weird.
(Browser version, same device each time.)

I see. I'll think about ways to add more juice.

About the spacebar... hmmm, I have no idea. There's nothing in the code that could be blocking it from working. It could be a browser specific issue. I'll write it down to do some more testing later. What browser are you using?


On a Chromebook, no idea if that matters.


The art of this game is just soo adorable


Yeah! LIEN, Rifuki, AlainPLD and genoge did a great work!

This game is actually pretty fun, I played for 3 hours and didn't even realize I played that long lol 8.2 / 10  deff has replay value

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you had a fun time!

It reminds me to fantastic four : silver surfer in java phone game


Thank you for including a Linux version!


i have no context on this all i know is that bae is the devil and all of my runs end to her alone

The game is really fun and I'm totally addicted in this game but may i request for adding more songs of IRyS. I saw Bae playing today in the stream with different songs and I just felt in love with one song.


Yes. There are plans to add  a few more IRyS songs to the game, just to keep the players sane.

However, I also don't plan to add all her songs, since at that point it's better to do what Bae did and just turn off the game BGM and load up IRyS' playlist in the background. That also helps the talent with plays on their songs either in Spotify or YouTube.

Thank you for playing!

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i olve ti 

i gtaoa tsop msidspellign

(why is this game so addicting)

I also olive it.

I saw IRyS play it and had to get it.  Been close to 10k, but sadly, Hope descends before that, thanks to Bae.  Out of curiosity, what streams or clips did you get the IRyS sounds from?  Would love to find out so I can watch those streams and be like, OH, that’s where it came from!


Thank you for playing! Going past 10k is quite the milestone, gambatte!

Sadly I didn't keep track of the specific streams from which I captured the voice clips... I think most of the screams were from Resident Evil or Observation Duty streams and other sounds from superchat reading segments. A couple came from the debut stream too. The IRyS fan discord tags also helped me track down some specific phrases or sounds.

epcikg ame


This game is so good game that I want to play this game at Android. I feel fun at playing this game.


Thank you for playing!

An Android version is planned in the future. Please wait patiently for it! :)


Let's YEET the world searching for
The reason why I YEET myself
With fear, and with joy I've never YEET before
I'll YEET out towards the sky


Wonderful game. Been having fun with it and loving the creative choices you all made.

Havent' downloaded yet, but at least with the web version I've been unable to obtain a third powerup to level. Not sure if it's a sort of bug, but it's been pretty frequent. Didn't experience this before the latest update.


I don't think I touched the powerup system in the last update.

If it's not happening consistently, it's just a matter of chance.

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoy the game! There's more to come in a future update!


Great game. Fun use of voice clips and references. I think it would be even funnier if the music would stop right at the moment you hit Bae.

Thank you for the suggestion! I'm glad you enjoyed playing. :)

Great Homage to Nanaca crash you got here, I also saw the link on , is that you bro?

Not me, but Starcreator seemed to like my game so he added that to the page. :)

Watching Irys stream this right now. Was looking to DL, but there's no version for Mac. Is one being worked on?


I'm sorry, I don't have plans to add a Mac version. If I ever get a Mac myself I'll make one for sure! Try the web version instead! Hopefully it works well on Mac!

Thanks. Finally got it to work in Chrome on my Mac. Super fun!

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I think I found mistakes.

If you lose when you're just short of a level upgrade, you'll be upgraded immediately in the next game.

Also, I once saw double soda cans at the very beginning of a new game, even though I only took the bonus in the last game.


Thank you for the bug report!

The double soda at the beginning should be fixed in version 1.0.3.

I'll look into the level upgrade bug. Thanks!

Great homage to Katawa Crash, the addition of Irys noises is great.  Would love to see something like Katawa's combo hits added


Would you believe I didn't know of that game until someone pointed it out in the middle of development?

I actually referenced Nanaca Crash to make this game. And I learned that Katawa Crash was based on Nanaca as well.

I have plans to add some more stuff to the game, but I'm not sure about the combos. I'll see what I can do. :)

Thanks for the comment!

I played and in the beginning I found the idea and the game really cool and funny.

After playing I'm frustrated a little, I tried to get the 150 meter of altitude, after try (too much) many time I can say it's too hard, you need a lot of luck for do it.

The game can jinx you really really hard, sometime you dodge all good bonus and need to dodge 3-4 Bae in a row...

I think the 150 altitude achivement it's a mistake, the 116 was good enough and a good reference. The game need the posibility/capacity for go down and/or catch bonus, I have really the sensation to not have control sometime and just pray god for Bae don't catch her wife and take her back to home.

Thank for the game, beyond my little frustration, it's really cute and fun !^-^

Thank you for your detailed comment.

About the 150m height: it is possible. It is one of the hardest achievements but it's definitely possible. You will need banana for extra bounciness, a Calli yeet to help with the boost and then do 3 or more consecutive boosts to reach the required altitude.

It's quite the challenge as, according to the test data I got from multiple players, the number of players that get this achievement is under 0.5%. You could say it's "Ultra Rare".

About the capacity to go down to catch powerups , I have plans to add that in a future update. I just need time.

Thank you for playing! :)

not gonna lie i got this after all the stars aligned i had 5 boost got yeeted by calli and was in the air then got the acheivement i could not get the 4 callis in a row thou for me its too hard for rngs. :D

I literally redownloaded Katawa Crash a month or so ago, this is absolutely great, and looking forward to see grow!


Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the game! :)

This game has no right to be this fun(ny) but I love it!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :)

Simple but really fun to play!
I saw some insane record (like 27Km!) and now I want to beat it

Go Go Go! 50Km or more! XD

I like this games.


I don't know anything about hololive but this was really fun!

This is incredibly addictive! The noises are so funny 😂. Is there a leaderboard or plans to add one?

Thank you for playing!

I'm thinking about adding a leaderboard in a future update. I don't think it will happen within the next 3 weeks though as I'm busy with a different project.

For now, the best way to share your score and see how others are doing is tweeting with the hashtag #YeetIRyS

Cool! ❤️

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for the video!

~First Try~

Fun but short game. Not much to do than to improve my score, but it's still pretty fun.

I'm glad you had fun playing! :D

Hmm if you need additional goals, maybe try getting the achievements?

Also, the top scorers who have shared their runs are about 10 km. Maybe try challenging them? XD

AH! I'm a doofus. I was getting achievements but didn't realize until you said it that I can try 100% it XD yes, thank you. I will definitely try that now.


Excellent little fan game. Had a lot of fun killing half an hour while feeling nostalgic about the flash games I played as a kid.


I'm glad you had fun! :D


Thank you!

Cool noises, funny to play 


IRySoCool! :D

does anyone know how this type of game is called?

Yeet the hope  :^)

Yeeeeet! XD


Enjoying the IRyS noises. Runs great on steam deck. Wish the B button on controller functions as back because navigating on the settings area seems weird.

Overall really loving the game. 

Oh, good idea about the B button!

I'll add it to the list of improvements for the next update!

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad it runs on the Steam Deck! XD

relaxing yet so gud owo)!!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the game. :)

Amazing. Great new features. There was a baby game like this on the 360 in the indie store I still miss to this day.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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