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Physics are super messed up 

I couldn't even get the second weapon on the second level because she just bounces off the edges of the crates instead of climbing up like inches once the gap is plugged 

I know.

That's a tricky one to pull off on the second level. It's an optional pick up though, you can safely skip it. It's just there as a challenge. :)

I finally got it by dashing over and over again but it seems like the physics involved make it so unreliable it's pure RNG if she actually climbs onto the crates instead of pushing them out of the way 

Thanks for building the Linux version :D

I'm glad it is useful!

can you please add a 32 bit version?

thank you soo much


All modern computers run at 64 bit by now.

Why do you need a 32 bit build? What kind of computer are you trying to play on?

good ol' laptop 

it's okay if it can't be done tho.. i love your games by the way

Hmm.. I can try making that 32 bit build, but I'll need some time to test it.

I'm also busy this week with a game jam, so probably next week.

However, I strongly suggest you upgrade your laptop.

Oh and thank you. I'm glad you like my games. :)

best of luck, bro

take your time

what the dog doin?

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This game is good and I am loving it but I get motion sickness while I play this game and it just made me vomit twice the last time I played it.


Hmm... if you tried to play on the web, I suggest you give the downloadable version a go.

The performance if much better and you may have a better experience. If it doesn't help... well, sorry.

I get motion sickness when watching other people play FPS, so I know how it feels. Good luck!

hey David Wu your Fan Made Doom Game Keep Frozen Up on me please fix that promble


Can you provide more details regarding your problem?

Are you playing on the web, Windows or other platform? What part of the game freezes?

on Web

I suggest playing the downloadable version. It's higher quality and more stable than the web one.

Also, if you're trying to play from your phone, the web version may have problems working properly.

okay Thanks David Wu

Android control is just bad. Very uncomfortable but not a bad game.

Thank you for playing!

I am aware the Android controls can be improved. The Android build was basically an experiment for me to learn how to implement touchscreen controls and see if I could get my game to run on a phone.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. :)

Good game, make me feel a good funny.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

How do you move with controller

Use the left stick to move with controller.

For better results play on the Windows downloadable version.

The best fan made game i've ever seen. 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

ive made a return again dev and it seems you made a mobile version i didnt try it but ill give feedback when i d

Oi, por cierto, ¿Hay alguna manera de recuperar una cuenta en el juego? es que se me olvidó la contraseña y nose holaXD  (soy el que se llama cagofuego en las leaderboards)



Sí te reconocí del leaderboard.

No hay manera de recuperar contraseñas (por eso dice 'no olvidar' cuando creas una cuenta). No incluí ese sistema porque usualmente se necesita algún método para enviar correos electrónicos o mensajes al teléfono del usuario y eso salía del alcance del proyecto.

Bueno, será nomas entonces :(

Igual, mala mía de no haberme percatado de ese mensaje antes, de todas maneras ya me hice otra cuenta XD

Aún no me puedo creer que este juego ya tenga más de un año... como vuela el tiempo xD


Ni me digas jajaja.

Claramente Kronii vuela. XD

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parece bom, is a good game i was test him


Very Cute! I love these kinds of Games 

Hey ive played this game before on windows and wondering if theres ever gonna be a macos version for people that have macs my friends intrestied in trying the game :D thanks for creating a cool game

Hello! Thank you for playing my game!

The problem with mac is that I don't have one, so I cannot test and fix any potential bugs in that platform.

And... it would be bad if I publish an untested version and it turns out to be full of bugs. :(

You can tell your mac user friends to try out the web version, which should work on any browser that supports WebGL apps.

Do you mind if i try porting it then and then showing you the port?

I appreciate your offer, but please refrain from doing that. Thank you.

However, I promise if I ever get my hands on a mac, I'll make a mac build of DOOG.

Thank you for being kind and professnial have a good halloween

Just played it on my laptop, and it's way better than the mobile version in terms of controls.

Some of the enemies and weapons completely surprised me with how they look xD

It really is great, looks like I have a Doom replacement for now.


I'm glad you liked it! XD

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This caught my eye while I was scrolling through with the 'Android, Free' tags.

The idea is great, not gonna lie,  but I'll have to run it on my laptop since the mobile controls make it difficult to play with their sensitivity.


Thank you for playing my game!

Yeah, the mobile controls could use some improvement. The game was originally thought for desktop. The mobile port was just an experiment for me to see if I could make it run on a phone, as it was my first attempt at doing so.

If you're gonna play it on a laptop, maybe just grab the Windows/Linux versions? (sorry, no Mac version)


I finally caught a Korone stream. She spent 2 hours trying to beat a potato and fell asleep on stream. Great entertainer she is

I love this game, but can you add control customization for android? 

(And plz add camera control type so i can play like other fps, because i can't play with that type of ccamera)

Thank you for playing!

The android version was just an experiment and I don't have plans to add more features to it.

I don't understand what you mean by camera control type. Can you provide more details or an example for me to understand? Thank you!

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Camera Control type i mean is like the different control of the camera, the first one is normal one and swap(it swapping the turn camera and strafe)

(This picture maybe will help you to understand what am i saying)

Ah I see.

Hmm... I'll see if I can squeeze that feature in the mobile version. No promises though, since I'm currently focused on new projects.

i love you

What did i get myself into


Thank you! :D

its a very well made game and i like the songs that you put in the game

thanks for creating this game :D

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Great Classic DooM style game featuring one of my fave Vtubers! I'm a HUGE classic DooM fan so this was right up my ally! If I had to give it any constructive criticism it would be:

1) it really needs a "always-run" toggle button

2) movement up stairs feels weird and slow

3) a BFG9000 style gun and a chainsaw (Korone loves those 2 weapons)

4) lots more Korone dialog

overall really really love it! great work!

P.S im glad the classic cheats "IDDQD = god mode" and "IDKFA = all items" work that was a fun touch!


Thank you very much for playing and leaving detailed feedback!

About your points:

1) Running can be changed from keep pressed to run to toggle run in the controls settings menu.

2) Yes it does. Running while going up the stairs is the way to go.

3) To be honest, I wanted to keep my game as simple as possible, while retaining the basic DooM style. I love the BFG, but for the scope of my game I considered it was too much and the available weapons were enough. Instead of a chainsaw you get a katana (if you use the appropriate Hololive member cheatcode) as the alternate melee weapon.

4) It took me waaaay too much time to find, capture and cleanup the little bits of sound you get from all the Hololive members that have an easter egg in the game. Adding more would've extended my dev time more than I wanted to. Especially since DOOG is the first game of this complexity that I ever made. (And my third or fourth game overall if I count the little tutorials I followed to learn Unity lol)

I'm really glad you used the classic cheats! Those were one of the first things I knew I HAD to put in my game. XD

Once again, thanks a lot for playing!

when you pick a mega blood game (doom) and fuse it with koronachan =

ive been playing this game for a while, i keep coming back to it, if u know me u know me

Thats crazy, i'm in the game 


I love this game! Its super cute. I just suck at it lmao.

Thank you! Keep practicing, you'll get better! XD

Man, this game is very very good. I played this many times and every time i liked so much!!!! I did a video that i found all the secret places! The secret stage is so awesome xD

Hey! Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed my game! :D

this game is AWESOME! I like it so much!

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :)

so happy this works with controller

I had to explore some new territory to implement that, but it was fun and worth it. :)

well you did great with it :)

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Fun cute game. Popped up in my video feed randomly. Do you mind if I make a video on youtube and a post on reddit. Im not big I just thought it would be fun to share.

Edit: Video

There's an video feed? Or am I misunderstanding?

Also, yes please, go ahead with the video! Let me know when you publish it on YouTube, so I can add it to my DOOG playthroughs/speedruns playlist. :D

Just popped up in my recommendations one day and I was all like whats this.

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It's a 12/10 masterpiece, I fell for this game

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my game! :D


cute but why does it lag so much ;-:

Thank you! I recommend you try the downloadable version (it's at the bottom of the game page), as it has better performance than the web version.


This is the cutest thing I'v

I did another run and this time I tried the Easter eggs, I did a few of them

Thank you for playing again and trying the easter eggs! :)

You're very welcome and well creative with the Easter eggs


Loved it! Full of charm and surprisingly polished! Only thing I would say is that aiming seems to be a little janky due to the variance in performance. Probably just needs the mouse control speed multiplied by Time.deltaTime to fix so that the speed isn't dependent on FPS. Other than that, great game!


I'm glad you liked my game!

Thank you for your feedback!

Hmmm I'm using Time.deltaTime in my player rotation code... maybe it's something else that's causing the janky controls.

Did you try the downloadable version? The web version usually has more hiccups than the standalone one, so you should have a smoother experience with the latter one.

Once again, thank you for leaving feedback!

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