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What is DooG?

This game emulates the classic Doom experience (to an extent) with a Hololive theme. I developed this game after getting inspired by a Korone stream where she edited her face over the Doom promotional poster. XD

Este juego emula la experiencia del Doom clásico (hasta cierto punto) con una temática de Hololive. Desarrollé este juego luego de recibir inspiración en un stream de Korone en el que editó su cara sobre el póster promocional de Doom. XD

このゲームは、Hololiveテーマで 古典的なDoom体験を(ある程度)エミュレートします。 このゲームは、ころさんのストリームからインスピレーションを得て開発したもので、彼女はドゥームの宣伝ポスターで顔を編集しました。 XD


This game is playable in the browser with keyboard and mouse. Keyboard controls can be customized. See the default controls below.

Se puede jugar en el navegador de internet utilizando el teclado y ratón. Los controles del teclado se pueden personalizar. En la imagen los controles predeterminados.

このゲームは、キーボードとマウスを使用してブラウザでプレイできます。 キーボードコントロールはカスタマイズできます。 以下のデフォルトのコントロールを参照してください。

Language / Idioma / 言語

The game can be played with menus and messages in English, Spanish or Japanese.

The language can be changed in the "Options/Opciones/オプション" menu.

El idioma del juego se puede cambiar en el menu "Options/Opciones/オプション".



This is my first published game, so it's likely to have a bunch of bugs.

I'm an independent developer, not affiliated with Cover Corp. or any Hololive organizations.  This free game is a derivative work of Cover Corp.'s Hololive property. It is not endorsed nor affiliated with the previously mentioned organizations.

This is not an official Hololive game. I do not claim any ownership of Hololive property. Please support the Hololive VTubers!

Este es el primer juego que publico así que es probable que tenga errores.

Soy un desarrollador independiente, no tengo afiliación con Cover Corp. u otras organizaciones de Hololive. Este juego gratuito es un producto derivado a partir de propiedad intelectual de Cover Corp. Hololive. No está avalado ni afiliado a las organizaciones anteriormente mencionadas.

Este no es un juego oficial de Hololive. No reclamo derechos de autor sobre la propiedad de Hololive. Por favor, apoya a los VTubers de Hololive!


Support the developer

This game is free to play. However, if you wish to support my indie game developer adventure so that I can make more fun games, please consider donating!

Este juego es gratuito. Sin embargo, si deseas apoyarme en mi aventura de desarrollador de juegos independiente para crear más juegos divertidos, por favor, considera hacer una donación!

このゲームは無料でプレイできます。 ただし、私のインディーゲーム開発者冒険をサポートして、より楽しいゲームを作成できるようにしたい場合は、寄付を検討してください。



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how could you do this to such a good game DOOM and Anime do to go together but the trailer looks good so i'll give it a shot.

Hehehe, thank you.

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hug and complement until it is done

Please add support for Linux. Unity should have an option for exporting game to other platforms such as GNU/Linux. If you need a tester, contact me.

Alright, I'll give it a shot!

Linux version uploaded! I hope it works, as I have no way to test it on my side. :P

Thanks, I will test it and report back if there are any bugs.

Sadly the linux version has a problem, the room in the beginning is completely dark. I can only see the items but the entire room is dark.

Oh, that's a bummer. Could you post a screenshot of that so I can take a guess at what could be the problem? Thank you.

Here is the video recorded by me: 

Aside from the black surroundings, the game works fine. Ignore the audio and the video speed it is my pc's problem. I use nvidia GT 730 and Intel Dual Core on Debian GNU/Linux.

Wow, you really weren't kidding when you said it was all black!

Umm... I wonder if it is due to low PC specs or Linux itself. To be honest I haven't tested it on anything lower than a first generation Core i5 from 2011 and a dedicated GPU from around that time (GTX560).




That was a lot of fun!  I didn't play DOOM back when it was the new game, but this game shows me I missed out on quite a bit.

I beat my first run in 40 minutes.  Overall, this is a great game that was clearly made with lots of love towards DOOM and Hololive.

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed playing my game. Did you try the easter eggs? XD

It was a ton of fun and really nostalgic in the DOOM feel. I played the v0.96 version. I think if two things could be improved about the game it would be to change the collision on the stairs from being stairs to being a ramp. I got caught up on stairs once or twice, but in general I think it would feel smoother if each step didn't feel like dragging feet. The other thing is that having overlapping Korone voice clips sounds a bit strange when it happens so maybe have the sound interrupted rather than playing both.

Again it was a super fun experience, and I appreciate the hard work and love that brought this to life!


Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for making a downloadable version!

Just wanted to report that the camera turns faster on ultra vs very low, even if all the other settings are the same. It also feels like Korone falls a bit faster on very low compared to ultra but I might be imagining that one. 

Hey! Thank you for the feedback!

Hmm.. why would anyone go lower than ultra anyway? The game doesn't require a lot of resources to run as far as I can tell.

I mean, it ran fine on a 10 year old, first generation Core i5 computer where I tested it. XD

I wanted to find glitches that rely on high FPS and might be used to skip parts of the game. However the first thing I noticed was the lower camera speed. I also couldn't skip the box puzzle on very low anymore which led me to believe that the fall speed is higher. 

yubi yubi

Are there any plans for a GZDoom version?

Hello! Thank you for your comment!

Well, my game includes quite a lot of stuff that doesn't translate well into WADs so I guess the answer is no.

this is certainly interesting

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it.

Great game! Will you be making a downloadable version anytime soon?

Thank you! I am currently working on a Windows downloadable version that will have better performance than the WebGL version. I hope to have it ready in the following couple of weeks.

Thanks for the heads up! Will be looking forward to it!

this is a very, very nice game. the voices, audio, gameplay are good. i hope you can make more games like this! :3
thanks for making this wonderful game

Thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback!

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Cute game! Got 6:51 on easy any% and I've got some feedback.

First, switches are kinda picky. You can't seem to press them from an angle (either that or you need to be super close to them for it to register). It's tough when you're trying to go fast and they don't want to cooperate. (Edit: They're also a lot smaller than the usual DOOM switches, that's probably the biggest factor.)

Second, I think an autorun option could be cool. My pinky could use a break, ha.

Third, whenever the game has a lag spike, the camera sensitivity shoots through the roof. Even the slightest turn during one of these is enough to turn you around completely.

I'll keep an eye on the leaderboards! A little friendly competition is always fun. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for the feedback! That's a wicked fast time!

I'll look into making switches larger and see if I can improve the interaction angle/range.

Autorun? Hmm... maybe I can add an option to switch the run button behavior: keep pressed to run or one touch on/off.

About the lag spikes... yeah it's a big problem that I still can't figure out how to solve. I'll have to keep tinkering with stuff to see if I can make the game run smoother. Also, I hope when I build it into a stand-alone distribution the spikes will decrease or stop.

Good game! The only problems i have with it is the lack of mouse sensitivity slider and sometimes bad performance (could be a fault of my crap by tho), also the updates are a nice addition to the game


I'm glad you like the game!

The slider you're looking for is this one:

I thought it only changed speed of arrow turning lol, my bad

When I played the game to check the slider, i noticed a weird thing with it. When you set the slider to a certain value and then go into the game, when you press esc the slider will stil be in the default position. 


Hmm... that's a bug. I take note to fix it in the next version. Thank you for reporting!


This is a pretty fun experience! I can really see the dedication to the korone and hololive itself. The small korone at the bottom was a nice addition to the doom style!


Thank you very much! I'm still adding stuff to the game! XD


nice game!


Thenk you for recording yourself playing!

I see you had some big brain moment there with the boxes!


I'll end up fingerless




Wow, thank you for recording yourself playing! It means a lot to me!


kawaii :D next want parody residente evil :***