DooG updated to v1.04

DooG v1.04

In this update, I focused on improving accessibility and adding some UI enhancements.

Check out the new god mode Korone portrait lol.

Also fixed a couple of bugs.

New Stuff:

  • Moved the language selection option to the main menu, to improve accessibility.
  • Streamlined the new player registration and login process.
  • Updated Nene poster and pickup item to reflect her new model design.
  • Made god mode more obvious on Korone's portrait.
  • Replaced the game controls instruction texts with images.
  • Changed the order of melee weapon selection to give priority to the Katana if the player has unlocked it. (you can switch between melee weapons by pressing again the number 1 key)

Bug Fixes:

  • Melee attacks didn't hit enemies when they were too close or at certain angles.
  • The level restarted if the player tried attacking while in the middle of the resurection animation.

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