DooG updated to v1.00

DooG V1.00

Following a player request, I've added controller support to the game.

I feel FPS games are played best with Keyboard and Mouse but this request helped me learn and try out new stuff in Unity, so I'm happy with this.

Since the game originally uses the number keys to change weapons, I had to implement a controller friendly mechanism: the onscreen weapon wheel!

I've only tested the controller support with an XBOX compatible gamepad, so I can't say it will 100% work with other controllers, such as PlayStation's DualShock.

These are the controls on the gamepad:

I had to change a bunch of stuff all over the code to make this work, so hopefully I didn't break anything that wasn't fixed in my testing rounds.

New Stuff:

  • Added Gamepad support for menus and gameplay in Windows and WebGL versions. Hopefully it also works on Linux. (I can't test it)
  • Leaderboard screen Gamepad interaction: LB/RB change difficulty category, LT/RT change completion category, Left stick left/right to move between pages.
  • Most of the game menus can now be navigated without using the mouse
  • Added a weapon selection wheel to change weapons when playing with Gamepad (press and hold LT to display, use the right stick to select a weapon)
  • Replaced the settings dialogue that showed up when launching the game with a display settings section in the game options menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Game sometimes didn't correctly read unlocked badges.
  • Melee attack sounds triggered before the previous attack was complete.
  • Minor bug in a dialogue message displaying incorrectly when in Japanese language.

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