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Where can I see the list of fusion items?

There isn't one.

I'll add one in version 4.


57.6k... It was  an hour run. Sigh... I really wanted that Bae dakimakura. 

PD: Awesome and fun game :D

If you download the game and accidentally select japanese language, is there a way to change the language to english?

You can select the game language in the settings menu.

Ah thank you! Since I couldn't read the characters I didn't know what they meant.

This is a really fun and addicting game! 

Would you ever consider making a version for mac


Thank you! I'm glad you like my game.

I would love to make a mac version, but it requires a mac computer to build to that platform and I don't own one. Unfortunately, I don't have the budget to buy a mac. :(

(1 edit)

There are some inaccuracies and mistranslations to Bahasa Indonesia in Patch 3.0.2.

In Achievements page (I can't check all translations because I haven't unlocked all of them):

  • [Third Time's the Charm] 
    The Indonesian translation for the achievement name feels wrong, but I'm not aware of any Indonesian equivalent.
  • [Soda Hunter]
    Typo in description: "ke bawah" should have a space.
  • [Hope has Ascended]
    The correct Indonesian translation should be "Harapan telah Naik". The current translation means "Hope has Descended".
  • [Hope Express]
    Typo in title: "Harapan Ekspres" (missing letter "s").
  • [???]
    "Hit Bae 116 times" description is not translated fully. It still uses "Hit Bae 116 kali".
  • [???]
    "Fly longer than 20000m" description is incorrectly translated to "Terbang lebih jauh dari 2000m". There's a missing zero there.
  • [???]
    "Baeless mode: Fly higher than 250m" description is incorrectly translated to "Mode Baeless: Terbang lebih jauh dari 250m". The translation is talking about distance instead of height. The correct translation should use "tinggi" instead of "jauh".

In other pages:

  • [Settings -> Playlist]
    The ID translation seems too strict with the instruction.
    "Jika Anda berencana untuk melakukan streaming, kamu harus mematikan BGM game dan putar musik yang lain untuk menghindari potensi klaim hak cipta."
    "If you are planning to stream, you must turn off the game BGM and play other music to prevent potential copyright claim."
  • [How to Play, 1/3]
    - "kebawah" is missing a space again.
    - "flying up" is translated as "terbang", but the ID translation is less specific. The down boost only works when IRyS is flying upwards (right?), so the translation should say "terbang ke atas" instead.
  • [How to Play, 2/3]
    "Kronii changes flight angle" is incorrectly translated as "Kronii merubah posisi". The latter means "Kronii changes position".
  • [Reroll]
    "Akan mengonsumsi stamina setiap reroll?" means "Will consume stamina every reroll?" which I think sounds weird.
  • [Mumei Countdown powerup]
    "Lowers Mumei's countdown to X" is incorrectly translated to "Menurunkan hitungan Mumei dari X". The latter means "Lowers Mumei's count from X."
  • [Hot Sauce powerup]
    - The name of the power up is "Saus Pedas", but the description uses "Saus Panas".
    - "Boosts IRyS" is translated to "Meningkatkan IRyS". The latter means "Improve IRyS", which is not specific enough.
  • [Kaela Bonk powerup]
    Again, "kebawah" should have a space.
  • [Double Soda powerup]
    The translation uses "terlihat", which is closer to "to be seen" rather than "to appear". I think it's better to use "muncul" instead.

Thank you for the feedback!

Could you DM me on Twitter? I think we can coordinate TL checking better there. :)

Oh no! Did anyone else's save get wiped after update 3.0.2 or is it just me? I don't think I erased any cookies or anything from my browser :(

That's weird. If you're playing on the browser the most you'd lose after an update is the settings (language, volume) which I can't control. But the save with your best distance and achievements should still be there.

(1 edit)

 It was so much fun


Nice run!

cute game

I got pretty good with the dice,charge amount up and big soda. 

nice run!!


IMO the user interface is overloaded. It's hard to navigate for me in the game because there are lots of different options and texts on the screen.

Could you please be more specific about the interface? Is it the title screen? Is it the fly screen? Is it the game over screen?

(1 edit)

I had similar thoughts, particularly regarding the "Select Game Mode" dialog. In my initial play, I thought that the box under "Items" was a button that could enable a "no item mode". It turned red (which looks like ON) when I hovered over it, and it left me wondering how to deactivate it. Similarly, I wondered what the "Refill on retry" refills. Furthermore, after switching the toggle for 'Standard', 'Classic', etc., I couldn't remember which was the default setting. It would be better if the toggle does not go back from Gacha to Standard when pressing ▶.

I was hoping to download this game to my steam deck, as it is my only non apple device. I downloaded the .zip file but I don't know where to go from there to be able to run it as an application or fully download it to the steamOS as a non-steam game. I have an understanding on how to do the latter part after I have opened it as an application, but I don't know how to properly open the zip to be registered as an application on the deck. I've downloaded the linux version since the steam deck runs on linux, but I've confused beyond that. I've unzipped the file to a folder, a .x86_64 and two .os files and it will not open the latter three. Can anyone help with fully downloading and opening the app? 

So I got this running on my deck. My understanding is you can't open zip files from your deck. There isn't a way for it to unzip or extract. 

What I do is unzip the file on my pc and then use a program called Warpinator. I believe there is a apple version for Mac users too. You should be able to use that, transfer the unzipped file, then put the file in a spot you can easily access on your deck. 

You can also add it as a non-steam game. I used the .exe file (this is on the WIN version of the game) and run it on Proton Experiential. 

(2 edits)

This may be a weird request, but is there any way to make it so that the downloaded version of the game DOESN'T respond to controller input when it's not the main focus window?

This seems like it should just be how things work anyway but for some reason it's not and I'm probably only one of a handful of people who will even notice but because one of the main games I play doesn't usually require *any* attention nor input for minutes on end for some activities (Elite Dangerous, btw) I usually fill those gaps in time with other, less-graphically intensive games like HoloCure or chess.

I'd LOVE to add this game to the list of things I can play in the background but it's ENTIRELY too frustrating to hit pause on Delivering Hope, tab back to Elite to do the few seconds to minutes of content it offers and then tab back to Delivering hope to find that my button inputs have been going to both games and my DH run is now entirely ruined by either getting upgrades I didn't want, blowing all my boosts, or even just being over outright at Bae's feet.


Oh, that's interesting!

To be honest I never tested gamepad input while the game was not focused. I also thought it would ignore the inputs until focused again.

I'll write it down as a bug and see if I can prevent that from happening! Thank you for reporting!

David, my man. That doppler effect you threw in for IRyS is hilarious and makes me chuckle every time. Those little details make this game more enjoyable. Much appreciated.

Do you mean the voice volume fading away when IRyS flies into the sky?

Yeah, that was suggested by someone in the comments some time ago. I like the result. :)

I can't believe I made it to 21k wth Big Soda, Kromei, Divorce papers, and Rebirth in the pocket and I died  going #TooFast three times and then getting put in jail twice and slamming right in to Bae lmao ALL within 1km

That was a great powerup loadout!

Too bad rng decided it was too much power for a mortal and ended you. XD


Dafuq just happened?

(1 edit)

you caught me off guard with [redacted] you sneaky dev you, also am i wrong for thinking bae still needs some form of animation? or is that too much to ask regardless?

(i was also a little too hopeful that kiara would turn bae into a boost)

Give Bae an animation? Hmmm... but remember she's just a figure, so she should stay still.

And Kiara making Bae into a boost would make her power even more OP than it already is. However, having something turn Bae into a booster sounds like an interesting idea for a future update. I'll write it down! Thanks!

it still feels a tad off to have everyone else have an animation, though if you do the bae booster thing i think i'd be less offended by bae not having an animation, though it still feels weird to have irys just blast into space at extreme speeds at certain angles

I create sync command for copy data from windows to android using ADB and can you find location savedata.ddd in linux?

According to Unity's documentation, it should be located in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d or $HOME/.config/unity3d

Love the game! but When I get a new dress it replaces the one I already like. Is there a way that whenever I unlock a new dress that it doesn't replace the one I already have?

No. It will keep changing as you unlock new stuff.

I'll write down the idea to add a setting in the options menu to disable that. So maybe it will be there in v4. Thanks for the feedback! :)

baeless mode its so fun! 

just did this, so close to the 333 achievement ;w;

Just so you know... 333 achievement only works in standard mode (I think?) lol

it's true, i got like 500 and didn't get the achivement

this seems to be a bug? i had only mumei and calli maxed but it let me fuse mumei and kronii and then get another kronii upgrade since there was one offered in that level up

not sure if u already know about this but just in case

lmao this is weird. gonna have to look into it

Fixed in version 3.0.1

Hello, can i translate to indonesian?

Hello. Thank you for volunteering!

Please DM me on Twitter to coordinate. Thanks!

Can you provide an Android APK directly to itch that doesn’t require Google Play Services? I specifically use to avoid that.

Thank you for your comment.

I'm afraid I cannot provide an APK. I will only publish Android builds to the Google Play Store for all my new games. Sorry.

I love this game, I really enjoy this thank you so very much for this game!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you're having fun with my game!

Finally I can play this game everywhere. Actually I didn't even know this game has already released on google play lol.

I'm just happy to be able to play this on my phones. ty for releasing good game and ty for replying my google play reviews. 

btw if i play this game on android idk why but it plays 30 frames. i think it's problem on my phone or something.


Thank you for playing!

The 30 frames per second on mobile (half refresh rate) is something Unity does by default to preserve battery and prevent the device from heating up when playing long sessions.

Version 3.0.0 will have a setting that can be enabled to force 60fps (or full refresh rate) on mobile. Just keep in mind the increased battery use and potential heat on your device.


Deleted 42 days ago



Murphy's first law of Delivering Hope: The more levels you put into a skill, the less likely you are to hit the power-up it boosts.

can you add ririsya into the game i love her

I like Ririsya too, but this is a hololive game.

uh i didnt know

Some random accumulated thoughts:

  • At the moment, it feels like attaining a significant altitude/vertical speed is a liability. You don't accumulate down-boost, you can't collect yeets/sodas/etc, and it's tricky to tell whether or not you're about to crash into that Bae coming up. The only advantage, aside from some one-off altitude achievements, is that you don't need to worry about meatballs or Baes, except the ones you blindly crash into at 25 meters per second.
    It's making me start to think that yeet-boosts (and especially Mumei's big toss) aren't really helping. They might even be liabilities. To counteract this, some reward for getting high might be nice. Maybe accumulating XP faster the higher you are? Or some new mechanic, similar to the down-boost, if you want something less simple yet disruptive to existing mechanics.
  • Speaking of down-boosts...only being able to use them while moving up is a weird restriction. They're sometimes useful for exploiting an opportunity before you fly away, but the narrow angle windows and how quickly the angle bounces around, it's tricky to pull off—you need to hit F at the right moment, then release it at the right moment. And since you can't use it while moving down or sideways, it doesn't help you avoid hazards unless you can predict where you're going to land early in the arc—and if you're moving with speed, you'll probably stop moving up before your landing site comes onscreen.
    Down-boosts feel very restrictive. I feel like there's an intended use case I'm missing, because otherwise it feels too restrictive to be useful with any regularity.
  • The camera feels weird. If I'm reading its behavior correctly, it has two zoom levels it can slide between; this is fine under certain ranges of speed/altitude, but also sometimes feels weird. I assume you tried a more granular camera and something didn't work?
    It also feels way too easy to fly off the top of the screen. That feels like it should be exciting and uncommon, but it's common when you combine a decent base speed with a yeet/boost. Under current physics, a 10-meter ceiling feels too low. A fairly mundane 12 or 15 meter apoapsis doesn't feel very different from a 60- or 100-meter one; its just IRyS staying offscreen longer.
  • Airspace feels underutilized. Flying items are fun but simple, Monopoly boards are fun but random. (Though I like that both good and bad are better/less bad if you're low on boosts. Helps with strategizing.) Both are rare. There should be less stuff in the air than on the ground, but it would be nice if there was more stuff up there. It would complicate flying items, though.
    If you take this suggestion into consideration, consider adding some kind of indicator for upcoming airborne items. Actually, maybe consider that anyways—it could help make use of flight-item boosts.
  • It would be funny if IRyS's voice grew faint at high altitudes. Imagine a "WHYYYyyyyy...?" trailing off as Mumei yeets her into the mesosphere.

Thank you for all the ideas and comments!

Many of your points are planned to be addressed in Version 3.0.

There are plans to add some "special stage" that will trigger when going into high altitudes which will provide some bonuses to the player (as long as they play skillfully), so there's less "dead time" while IRyS is off-screen.

There are plans to make downboost upgradeable to widen the aim angle and also give it more power since currently it's mainly conserves the current player velocity. However it will remain to be only usable while moving up. The main use is to force a landing on an item closer than the predicted landing spot, so you don't have to wait to see what's coming up later in the flight trajectory. Best example is downboosting to catch a soda right after Calli boosts you up or after manually boosting to avoid Bae. Other uses are to "chain" boosts, by quickly downboosting after a Calli into a Mumei. It's not recommended to downboost into a Kronii as the angle is not high enough to guarantee a horizontal boost (at least not until update 3.0)

A visual indicator for upcoming air items is planned for update 3.0 as well.

(1 edit)

Further accumulated thoughts:

  • I think part of what rubs me the wrong way about how the down-boost is currently implemented is the ways it restricts your control. It feels like the counterpart to the normal boost, which you can activate any time you have charge, letting you use it for anything that a sudden velocity change could be helpful for; avoiding Bae, restarting a stalled flight, catching differently missing an airborne power-up, etc. But you can only use a down-boost if you are at a fairly specific altitude and moving up, meaning that it's basically useless for anything except recovering a power-up that you landed slightly to the left of, or occasionally dodging Bae if you know you're going to hit her at the right time and can get the right angle. And that uselessness isn't a factor of the down-boost, but of when the game lets you down-boost, for no reason beyond the game designer deciding you shouldn't want to down-boost when you're not going up enough.
  • It would be neat if the game pointed out certain achievements you re-achieved during a run. Not the basic ones like Super Glider, Rocket Power, or the Monopoly achievements, but the ones that feel like achievements. Might help some of the runs that didn't achieve anything new feel like they achieved something.
  • To be clear, I was serious about IRyS's volume changing with altitude. That wasn't just a joke. I think it would help "sell" when IRyS gets really high.

I'm still kinda surprised that the volume suggestion was taken, though.

It was a cool suggestion!

soft dev is literally the best fan made game developer for hololive

(1 edit)

I flew over 30km and there was no achievement. :sob:

It would be nice to unlock character skins and visual effects when certain achievements are achieved.

For example, after achieving a flight of 30 km or more, the boost wing effect and charge icon can be replaced with a slightly more luxurious look. or a nice looking skin


Nice flight!

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. I have plans to add more visual effects in version 3.0.

I didn't expect for players to fly further than 30Km in this update lol

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for playing! If you keep at it, you'll surely beat Kaela's score!

Adding multiplayer at this point in development is too much work. Things like these must be considered from the beginning of the project and it's too late now. Thank you for the idea though. I want to include online multiplayer in a future project.

Love the game!  Btw, any chance to have some sort of Sana cameo in the game in the future?  I think she's the only one in CouncilRys that isn't in the game, unless I'm mistaken.  Also I agree with the other coments, Kaela in the game would be awesome!


Thank you for playing!

I have plans to add Sana, Fauna and the Myth girls to the game at some point. Kaela and maybe other holoID talents will also be included.

However, it will take time as I can't add them all at once. Please be patient!

Ayer estaba jugando con la intención de completar el reto de los 150 metros de altura, pero no lo logré y terminé saliendo del juego. Entré a YouTube y me di cuenta de que Kaela estaba jugando al juego en ese momento, así que entré a ver si stream y noté que el juego fue actualizado. Vine aquí y descargué la actualización.

Intenté abrir el juego pero me ha dado un error y no se abre nada mas que esta pequeña ventana incompleta, si se puede llamar de algún modo (La que está en la panza de Gura)

Me dije a mí mismo que es un bug y decido esperar a un parche o algo. Al terminar de ver el stream de Kaela, vuelvo a mi PC con la intención de intentar alcanzar los 150 metros de altura. Abro la versión 1.0.3 del juego y resulta que se ha dañado gracias a la actualización que descargué. Mis 28k metros de vuelo, todos los retos completados (excepto el de los 150 metros de altura) todo se ha ido a la basura.

La versión web no funciona para mí. Intento iniciar el juego y se cuelga en 0% de carga. Soy un jugador bastante recurrente (Juego al menos 20 veces en la semana) Juego en una laptop portátil de bajos recursos, y el juego iba muy, muy fluido. Espero que las siguientes actualizaciones no estén enfocadas para PC de alta gama, porque no dispongo de una y ni siquiera estoy cerca de poder comprar una de recursos medios. Si pudieras darme pistas de cómo solucionarlo, o si piensas hacer un parche para arreglarlo, me haría feliz saberlo.

Muy buen juego, el único que me ha gustado de este tipo. <3

Hola. Muchas gracias por jugar.

No debes abrir versiones antiguas del juego luego de utilizar la nueva. Voy a colocar una advertencia para indicar esto en la página del juego, pues puede haber problemas de compatibilidad.

Me puedes compartir los detalles de tu laptop? (Procesador, memoria RAM, tarjeta gráfica, versión de Windows) Me interesa conocer la configuración mínima en la que el juego corre fluido.

El problema con la ventana "incompleta" quizás se pueda solucionar borrando los datos de preferencias de tu PC. Esta información está grabada en el registro de Windows. Debes navegar a la ruta HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/David Wu/Delivering Hope/ y borrar todos los ítems que aparecen en el panel derecho, excepto el que aparece primero en la lista usualmente llamado "(Predeterminado)". Ver la imagen adjunta más abajo.

ADVERTENCIA: Editar el registro de Windows es una operación para usuarios avanzados. No me hago responsable si dañas tu equipo al hacer cambios en el registro.

Gracias por contestar, amigo. Respecto a mi laptop, es una bastante básica, de hecho me sorprende que el juego me fuese muy fluido pese a eso,.

Los detalles de mi laptop son los siguientes:

Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB

Procesador: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 847 @ 1.10GHz  1.10GHz

Memoria RAM: 2GB

Tarjeta de video (Por defecto): Intel HD Graphics Sandy Bridge (743 MB de vídeo total)

Muchas gracias por el tip, lo haré en seguida. <3

you think you could add the air power-ups to the tracker too? its hard to plan around them cause whenever i try to upgrade those power-ups and go for them they always come out of nowhere and i can't try to aim for them

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll think of a way to add this without breaking the already existing UI.

(1 edit) (+2)

I've got an idea, though I've no idea how much of a pain it'd be to implement it:

New obstacle, Kaela: She intentionally works a bit different from all the other characters that you can collide into, in that she intentionally jumps up to meet Irys (only a short distance, within the screen limits for sure) and activate her effect, but if you "directly" hit her where she's standing on the ground you pass through her.

Her effect being that she spikes Irys (Maybe with her smithing hammer, lol) into whatever the next obstacle is at a very increased speed?  This way, it's a risk/reward scenario, in that you could get a big speed boost from her into another beneficial obstacle, or it could be a *bad* obstacle that she throws her into.

I'm suggesting the "short jump" mechanic so that she's in the air when she does this, and can impart some vertical speed in the process as well; if she did this on the ground, it'd effectively kill *all* vertical velocity and instead just kind of skip her along.  Further, ensuring that the player can either go way above her to avoid her or intentionally go right through her to avoid the effect would allow her to not just automatically activate *EVERY TIME* she's passed; I don't think it's a good idea to automatically ensure she always activates, just within a relatively short (but different/novel) range.

The other thing I'd think to add is that Kaela only does one jump, and she cannot "change" the jump after it initiates; that way, if Irys' arc changes after she's initiated the jump, the player could miss her as a result of the change, this way someone could avoid her either with the downward spike ability or with a soda if they really didn't want to impact her for some reason.

Anyway, this is all complicated and just something I thought up to try and make an obstacle that works differently; I don't actually know if it's a good idea or not.  But, it's there if you want it.  Anyway, thanks for making this game!  It's really fun.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll write it down!


Thanks for considering it!  Even if that idea never works out, please know that your game's really fun, and I (and many many others) are happy that you developed it!  Thank you.


Need to add Kaela in an update

Thanks for the bug fixes!

I think I found a bug with gliders and retrying:

While IRyS is on a glider, if I pause and click "Try Again", I cannot boost at all with Space/Left click. This state persists even when I retry again, or when I go back to the title screen and start another run.

It returns to normal when IRyS gets another glider (without retrying again) though.

I guess it has something to do with a "no boosting" Boolean flag that isn't reset upon retry?

For reference, I'm using Patch 2.0.1 on the web.

Oh wow, thanks for the report! I'll check it asap!

For whatever reason, the game starts like this. I can't seem to do anything to maximize the screen, but i know the game at least is running because i can hear music. Any suggestions?

That's a weird bug.

Can you provide more details?

What Windows version are you trying to play on? Umm is this a laptop or desktop? What's your screen resolution?

Does the web version work OK? Do other games work fine?

Windows 10, it's a desktop, and my screen resolution is 1024x768

At last, the web version does work but it runs terribly, at a frame rate so low that is absolutely unplayable

Hmm... The web version should not be too taxing on the PC. Are you using Chrome?

Also, may I ask your computer specs? Processor, memory and GPU?

I use Opera GX with hardware acceleration enabled

Intel core duo 2.22Ghz, 4GB ram and an awful onboard video with a measly 256MB of memory

I see. Probably the computer specs are a bit low for the game.

You should seriously consider getting a newer PC. That's a 15 year old processor you're using there. Pretty cool that it still works to this day, but it may be a bit slow for comfortable gaming. A dedicated GPU will help a lot too. If you don't plan to game often, just get the low spec ones and it should be fine.

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