Delivering Hope V4 is out!

Delivering Hope Version 4.0.0

Thank you for playing Delivering Hope!

This update has taken a lot longer than previous updates (it been 7 months?) due to the amount of content and new systems implemented. Some of these systems were part of what I planned to include in V3, but were just too much.

I hope you like the new Gacha mode, where anyone could be the real Bae. You will need to be lucky when playing this!

The beach is a high speed zone that spices up your run, allowing for quick level ups and very high flight speeds. You will probably want to dial down the speed multiplier when going into this zone. Avoiding Bae will be very challenging when flying at super high speeds here.

With the beach zone speed boost, I'm sure players will easily go past 10Km consistently and distances above 20-30Km will be more achieveable. Please share your new personal bests on XTwitter using the hashtag #YeetIRyS !!

To keep things short, below is a summary of all new content, changes and fixes:

New additions:

  • Gacha mode: everyone looks like Bae!
  • Beach zone: limited time fast speed area that includes new booster characters and items!
  • Gura, Fauna and Ina as booster characters. They show up in the beach zone!
  • Material and currency drop system: every character provides crafting materials and currency drops
  • Crafting system and shop: craft items to help you in your run! unlock accessories in the shop!
  • Myth Galleria submenu: a completely new "hub" to find achievements, play statistics, how to play instructions, character and powerup information, crafting and the shop.
  • Perfect launch system: get an extra strong launch!
  • 2 more BGM songs: One step at a time and Joy with you!
  • More unlockable accessories
  • More achievements
  • More powerups and fusions
  • Chinese translation

Changes and adjustments:

  • Rebalanced some powerups to be stronger, especially some fusions.
  • ChibiRyS shouldn't go out of the left side of the screen when going super fast now
  • Improved reroll logic to avoid repeating the same powerups, if possible
  • Changed some powerup icons
  • Highlighted important information with different color in powerups


  • Fusions were not supposed to be available in Classic mode
  • Large sodas sometimes didn't recharge boosts
  • Sometimes the game could not be paused
  • Sometimes the game would lock up under certain conditions
  • Fixed some typos


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