Patch 4.0.3

Delivering Hope Patch 4.0.3

Three weeks after V4 release, here's a new patch to fix a bunch of bugs and do some adjustments.

The most important balance change is that the one-time use Bonk Potion and Rat Repellent can now be used multiple times. I hope this will help players achieve higher scores, since the average run distance is lower than I expected.

Below is a list of all changes and bugs fixed in this patch.


  • Increased Bonk Potion use count to 6.
  • Increased Rat Repellent potion use count to 2.
  • Laboratory: Added a message to locked recipes to guide players to the Myth Shop.
  • Lab/Shop: Improved item navigation using gamepad stick.
  • Prevented Nightcore Gravity from playing twice in a row.
  • Replaced Zeta's title screen voice.


  • Kiara's Shield and KFP trail were unlocking at an incorrect hit count.
  • Elamori Fusion was reducing the bonk power instead of increasing it.
  • New savefiles would only select "Joy with You" and "One Step at a Time" as BGMs instead of all songs.
  • Classic mode: Speed multiplier was not resetting to 1x.
  • Phoenix Shop: item descriptions were not correcly displayed on mobile
  • IRyS could get stuck bouncing in place without ending the run.
  • Game could lock up under unusual conditions.
  • Small adjustments in Chinese translations.


Delivering Hope v4.0.3 217 MB
Oct 06, 2023 220 MB
Oct 06, 2023 118 MB
Oct 06, 2023

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