Patch 3.0.2

Patch 3.0.2

I'd like to thank everyone who reported bugs in the new update, either by leaving a comment on itch, replying or DMing on Twitter, leaving a review on Google Play Store or sending me a message on Discord.

Here's a new patch that addresses almost all of the bugs. There's still one that happens only in specific phone models that will require doing some more experiments before implementing a solution. Please be patient!

Also, thanks to a volunteer translator the game now has Bahasa Indonesia as a supported language. YAY!


  • Added Indonesian language translation.
  • Mobile version: Made touch buttons larger and more transparent.

Bugs fixed:

  • Pausing right when a level up happens would lock the game.
  • The game reacted to gamepad input even when not focused, causing unexpected behaviour.
  • Under certain conditions, the secret song played much earlier than it should.
  • Under certain conditions, the total run time would be calculated incorrectly resulting in the game adding multiple hours to the play time.
  • Downboost aiming time was not included in the run time calculation.
  • Sometimes after manually dropping from a glider or rocket a downboost would be incorrectly triggered.
  • Baeless mode: equipping a rocket just a second before the timer reaches zero would make IRyS continue sliding on the floor after the gameover screen.
  • Baeless mode: pressing the downboost button right as time hits zero would lock the game.
  • Baeless mode: the game speed multiplier selected for standard/classic mode would be activated. Baeless mode was intended to be played at 1x only.
  • Mobile version: The exit button was hidden.


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Feb 16, 2023

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