Patch 3.0.3

Patch 3.0.3

Keeping in line with tradition, there's no patch 2 without a patch 3!

This is an emergency patch that fixes a critical bug that was introduced in version 3.0.2, which could potentially damage the game save file. I took this chance to also adjust a bit how Phoenix Fire works and buff a bit some of the fusion powers, as well as fix other less critical bugs.


  • Buffed a bit the boost power for fused powerup countdown super boosts (Calli, Kronii, Kaela)
  • Phoenix Fire will also block meatballs
  • Improved Indonesian translation.

Bugs fixed:

  • Critical bug: Depending on execution order (which means it could randomly happen), some save data could be lost.
  • Baeless mode: Phoenix Fire wings stayed on the offscreen arrow after a run ended if Phoenix Fire effect was active when time runs out.
  • Play time was incorrectly calculated when using game speed multipliers.

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Feb 18, 2023
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Feb 18, 2023

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