Progress Report (24/04)

Progress Report

This week's devlog is a bit simpler that previous entries.

I'm just gonna list what I worked on this week:

  • Fixed a music synchronization bug when aspect ratio was different than 16:9.
  • Made draft songmaps for one song in Easy and Difficult modes. However, fine tuning them is taking me longer than I expected. The above mentioned sync problem didn't help with this.
  • Got multitouch input working in the game (yay!)
  • Made an Android port and tested it on a couple of devices.
  • Adjusted the settings menu items for Android devices (full screen toggle and keyboard/gamepad control settings don't make sense in that platform)
  • Changed the rating pop-up texts position to the top center of the screen. I noticed that in the previous position (on top of each of the note hit zones) they were covered by the player's fingers when playing on mobile.
  • Implemented some performance tweaks for the Android port. Post-processing bloom effect sadly had to go, it was lagging the game too much. So far, I got it to 60 fps (not consistently though) on a 2017 Huawei Y7. I'll probably do more performance tuning later to make sure the game runs smoothly.
  • Performed translation quality control for Thai and Italian languages. Thank you for the help, XVII KNIGHT and Akarutsuki Okami!
  • Particle effects on/off switch works now. Less distractions on your screen if you don't want the pretty effects in the background.
  • Fixed a bug with the music volume slider also affecting sound effects volume.

  • I'm aiming for a preliminary version release next week, with one or two songs in the game (out of a total of 4), for both PC and Android platforms!

    Thank you for reading!

    If you like what I do, please consider sending a donation, that would be awesome!

    See you next week!

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Great work, looking forward to see it on action