Riri Rhythm v0.3.0 available for download

Riri Rhythm Version 0.3.0

Alright, here's version 0.3.0!

I had planned to release this version last Saturday, but I got hit with some unexpected news and I kinda lost my pacing.

What's new:

  1. The third song Re:Re:Restart has been added to the game!
  2. Rearranged the main menu screen as it was too cluttered. Main changes:
    • Exit button moved to the top right
    • Moved all Riri's social media links to a dedicated page, including a little profile description.
    • - Moved my own YT and Twitter buttons to the credits page.
  3. The speed icon on the song details page can be clicked/touched to quickly modify the game speed.
  4. Modified the results screen. Tap the screen or click anywhere to return to the main menu, instead of having to click on a button.
  5. Pressing and holding the ESC button when playing a song will return to the main menu. (Windows version only)
  6. The leaderboard now displays the score rating for each entry.
  7. Modified the leaderboard so that only the highest score per player (per song and difficulty) is saved, instead of multiple lines per player.
  8. Added a mouse sensibility slider.
  9. Improved the touchscreen drag precision when moving the character.
  10. Added a sound effect when missing a note.
  11. Removed the score multiplier that was applied when playing at higher game speeds. Reset the online leaderboard scores. Old versions of the game are not compatible with the updated online leaderboard.
  12. Changed the back button icon.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed the fan art gallery in mobile version. The slideshow would get stuck when closing and opening again the gallery.
  2. Fixed an internal bug that caused sync issues between song notes and obstacles.

Plans for next version release:

  1. The fourth song of the Ririsya Starter Pack.
  2. Maybe some sort of tutorial or "how to play".

Thank you for playing Riri Rhythm!

If you enjoy what I do, please consider sending a donation, I really appreciate it!



RiriRhythm_v0.3.0_WIN.zip 78 MB
Jun 15, 2021
RiriRhythm_v0.3.0.apk 77 MB
Jun 15, 2021

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