Riri Rhythm v0.4.0 available for download

Version 0.4.0

Version 0.4.0 is here!

With this release, all 4 songs I had planned for the game are now available to play!

What's new:

  1. The fourth song Close To You has been added to the game!
  2. Added song previews in the song selection screen
  3. Modified the layout selection buttons to make them visually easier to understand.
  4. Added a red tint on the screen as an additional visual cue when a note is missed. Riri's character also gets tinted red when this happens or when she gets hit by poop.
  5. Added a small description to the different leaderboard periods.
  6. Made the language selection dropdown scroll faster when using the mouse scroll wheel.

Plans for next version release:

I'm taking a break from this project for some weeks, so next version will take a longer time.

The plan for the next version is to add simple "how to play" instructions and look into implementing player-made song maps support.

Thank you for playing Riri Rhythm!

If you enjoy what I do, please consider sending a donation, I really appreciate it!



RiriRhythm_v0.4.0.apk 77 MB
Jun 27, 2021
RiriRhythm_v0.4.0_WIN.zip 78 MB
Jun 27, 2021

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The game is incredible, I suck at this type of games, but it is still lots of fun, this has evolved really great, got the time to try the Windows version and it looks and feels so good. Great job. A great challenge. I didn't know Riri before this, but I thinks It's time to start watching her streams


Thank you!

It means a lot to me that you got to know about Riri by playing my game. It's one of the reasons I made the game in the first place! :D

I'm really not that great at these kind of games, so it felt great completing the first song!!
I love Riri's music so I'll be able to clear the others as well
The game is really well made, I did enjoy my time!!!
Good job!!!

I'm glad you enjoy the game!

Thank you for playing!