Riri Rhythm v0.2.0 available for download

Version 0.2.0 is out!

It's been almost a month since version 0.1.7 was released.

I sincerely thought I could get version 0.2.0 out faster than this, but I guess things take longer than expected... as always.

What's new:

  1. New song! Alstroemeria is now playable!
  2. Horizontal layout playable!
  3. Fan art slideshow! Lots of cute Riri illustrations!
  4. Online leaderboard! Top 100 of the week, month and all time!
  5. Lowered the game difficulty a bit. It's now easier to hit notes, missing notes is less punishing and EASY mode has all health damage halved.
  6. Input delay can be configured now (Windows version only). Not sure if anyone will actually need it, but it's there.
  7. Particle effects and background can be turned off.
  8. Display resolution selection (Windows version).
  9. Added some more visual effects to note hits and when picking up bonus orbs.
  10. Added transitions between game screens. I think it looks neat.
  11. Slowed down the character movement a little. It should help have better control when trying to catch the bonus orbs.

Bug fixes:

  1. Fixed a touchscreen bug on the mobile version. Now it should play MUCH better.
  2. Fixed a bug with long notes not getting removed, preventing the song from ending.

Plans for next version release:

  • At least one new song.
  • Maybe something else...

Thank you for playing RiriRhythm!

If you enjoy what I do, please consider sending a donation, I really appreciate it! https://ko-fi.com/softdevwu


RiriRhythm_v0.2.0_WIN.zip 78 MB
May 28, 2021
RiriRhythm_v0.2.0.apk 76 MB
May 28, 2021

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Tardó su tiempo, pero los cambios que mencionas hace que haya valido la pena, espero recordar dar un buen feedback


Gracias por la paciencia!

Bienvenidas las sugerencias de mejora y reportes de errores que encuentres!

Muchas gracias por siempre dejarme comentarios. :)

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Haven't tried the Windows version yet, but at least the Android one crashed Bluestacks 5 lol. Yeah, my phone is shitty and can't run something like that. Don't know if that could be useful info


Hmm, no idea about running it on an emulator, probably best to run the Windows version if you're on PC anyway.

About the Android version... well, it runs OK on a 2017 mid-range phone. Depending on your phone model, it may actually run fine. However, I strongly suggest playing the Windows version if you want to challenge the songs on hard difficulty!