Progress Report (10/05)

Progress Report on version 0.2

Last week I spent some time working on the horizontal play screen layouts for the game. I had to do some adjustments to the game speed in this orientation and of course rearrange all of the user interface.

Here's how it looks:

Also, for the Windows version, I made it so that the game window itself is in landscape (horizontal) aspect ratio (your typical 16:9 screen).

However, since this left a lot of blank space on the sides of the screen, I added a little fanart slideshow to fill it. The idea is to have about 10 different illustrations on rotation.

I think it's looking pretty good.  I still need to contact the artists to get their approval to use their art in the game.

Other things I worked on:

  • Implemented the input delay functionality.
  • Adjusted some difficulty variables to make easy mode easier.
  • Started coding the online leaderboard stuff
  • Replaced the game speed buttons in the settings menu to match the icons displayed on the other game screens.

Thank you for reading!

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Se me olvidó escribir el feedback xd, pero fuera de la dificultad que ya estás viendo, las interfaces se ven muy bien y me gustó mucho el estilo que tiene. Lo de los fanarts me parece una idea bastante interesante. Va muy bien.

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