Riri Rhythm v0.1.7 available for download

Riri Rhythm v0.1.7 out!


As promised last week, today I'm sharing the first playable version of Riri Rhythm both for Windows and Android. (version 0.1.7)

This version only has one song available in three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.

I haven't cleared Hard difficulty myself, but that's OK, I'm not a pro rhythm game player, just a regular game dev. :P

It will be extremely useful to read everyone's feedback regarding the game the difficulty and general experience. Please post your comments on the thread I've created in the discussion section. Your comments will help improve the game in future updates. If you are fluent on any of the languages included in the game and have improvement

Of course, please report any bugs as well. I'll do my best to squish them!

For version 0.2, I'm aiming to add the following:

  • At least one more song on all 3 difficulties.
  • Online leaderboard.
  • Horizontal layouts.
  • Input delay setting.
  • Translation improvements, if any. (hopefully there's good feedback regarding current translations)

I'll leave this cute Ririsya "under construction" picture here.

Thank you for reading!

If you like what I do, please consider sending a donation, it really helps: https://ko-fi.com/softdevwu


RiriRhythm_v0.1.7_WIN.zip 48 MB
Apr 30, 2021
RiriRhythm_v0.1.7.apk 44 MB
Apr 30, 2021

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The game is fun, but I find it a little hard. I tried the stage in every speed, and felt the most comfortable at 2X, but even so it's really easy to have a miss ( I feel like many times the notes were within the range of hit  but were counted as misses) Considering one loses health also with the falling poop, maybe a little more health could be helpful 

I played for a good hour trying also each difficulty, and I'll try get better to at least beat it in normal

Looking forward to further updates!!!

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

I'll balance a bit the health / damage in the next version to make mistakes less punishing.

About the detection range... well, since at 2X the notes move twice as fast, you have to be twice as precise to get a hit. This is also why there's a score bonus for playing on higher speeds. :)