DOOG Online scoreboard down

Backend server overwhelmed

So... after I posted the game promotional video on Reddit, it got played by so many people in the same day that it went over the server daily access quota.

You see, the backend uses a tiny amount of data, but apparently the webhost doesn't like having too many visitors asking for little numbers the same day. :(

I'm currently looking for a replacement server that hopefully won't have this same issue.

The good news is that the game can still be played in 'offline' mode, that is, without personal best score tracking or online leaderboard.

The bad news is I'm not sure if I'll be able to retrieve the current game database, so everyone's score may be lost. I'll also have to put on hold the work on the next update for the game, as well as the downloadable Windows version, until I get this sorted out.

Please be patient!

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